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As a digital agency we think long and hard about the online messaging and technology that we put out there.  We obsess about the merits of Facebook v Twitter, LinkedIn v Google + and banner ads v SEO.

But really we should be even more obsessed about how our online brand is marrying up to its offline equivalent.  And haven't you wondered how the far bigger world of "traditional" advertising; TV, radio, outdoor, press, Direct Mail has so quickly been unceremoniously dubbed "offline" as if to imply that it's the poor relation of its online siblings?

The truth is that life is all about balance.  If you're working every hour your stay at home partner may have a thing to say about balance and the same applies in the rapidly changing advertising world.  You might like to read what influential and highly cynical advertising blogger the Ad Contrarian has to say about the Emperor's New Clothes as he sees it.  He believes that online advertising (especially banner ads and Facebook ads) are simply a black hole into which number-crunching Stattos are pouring billions of dollars of wasted money because they are bewildered by the vast numbers on show.

I fear he has a traditionalist agenda that actually marks him out as a luddite.  Balance, again, my dear is where it's at.

And that balance isn't just about spend.  It's about ideas and brand identity too.  A brand that acts like Bambi online and an old git offline (see I'm doing it) is a brand that has lost its identity.  On and offline channels are no more than media platforms in which to broadcast (narrowcast if you want to be all niche about it) your brand message.  But don't act like your Dad at a teenage party just because you're in a "young" medium

Be proud of what you are, what your values are, what your proposition is and get that across in the same disciplined way that you do "offline."

Before you know it, people will be accusing you of being grown up, consistent, believable and necessary.

One last thought.  Where do you see most advertising for online superbrand Apple?  Yup, I don't need to answer that, do I?

At Paligap we've been integrating communications on and offline for longer than you can say Friends Reunited.  Give us a call and we'll show you better balance than Nadia Comaneci.

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