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Mark Gorman

With the recent unveiling of our responsive website for Bridgend Motor Group (the first responsive site created in Ayrshire no less), a brief to build another responsive site for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles Ayr & Aberdeen and some brand new print work for Alexander Fleming's Citreon and Seat franchises we realised we've gone kind of car crazy here at Paligap!

What's a responsive website you say? Well, it's all the rage as more and more people are viewing online content (and by that we mean websites primarily) on mobile devices, whether that be a smart phone or a tablet. Think round pegs and square holes. Or think how a photo shot in landscape format looks when printed onto portrait shaped paper. Two words spring to mind. Not and right.

Responsive sites take that into consideration and morph to fit the size and format of the device you're using them on. That means designing, from the outset with at least three layouts in mind. It means choosing type faces and images that will work at a variety of sizes and, of course, there's the usual accessibility issues and ability to load on the pretty wide choice of browsers that consumers enjoy nowadays (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari in particular). All this means that web design is reaching even greater levels of sophistication and those brands that take that into consideration create winning user experiences and achieve far greater reach and longer dwell times.

Anyway, that was all a bit of a diversion because we were about to get all Jeremy Clarkson on you. Phwooooaaarrrrrrr look at the motors we've got. It's bonkers. In the past couple of years we've built sites, created advertising, designed print materials and run promotions for VW, Skoda, Isuzu, Vauxhall, Subaru, Citroen, Seat and Hyundai. We've built the aforementioned responsive site for Bridgend's used car offering and are doing the same for Ingram. But it's not just cars that have felt the weight of Paligap's experience in the sector so too have commercial vehicles for VW, Iveco, and Mercedes-Benz.

So if you're looking to market motors old or new, private or commercial you might just want to consider Ayrshire's vehicular vendors with real va va voom.

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