Unlucky for Some

Iain Bartholomew

If the movies have taught us anything, it's that Friday the 13th is a night of murder, horror and things that go bump in the night. To mark the occasion we spoke to the Paligap staff to find out which of them are scared of ghouls and bogeymen and which are particularly unlucky.


Wrong place at the wrong time

Web developer Craig has to think back to a previous life stocking shelves in a local supermarket to fund his studies for his unluckiest memory. He recalls his colleague reaching out to place the factory-sealed, generic carbonated cola flavoured soft drink on the top shelf. What happened between that moment and the realisation that his pristine white shirt was covered in cola just twenty minutes in to an eight hour shift is more of a mystery.


Memory Sticks - Not Made from Girders

Stephen is a skilful designer, but not the luckiest. In a similar, but remarkably unconnected, carbonated soft drink accident he managed to lose an entire project's worth of work when his memory stick fell into a glass of Irn Bru (other brands are available, etc.) killing it stone dead.


Yes. From the entire Paligap staff the two most unfortunate incidents involved fizzy juice, stained shirts and a corrupted memory stick. Either we lead charmed lives, or some people just aren't prepared to open up.


Undeterred by this lacklustre response, we pressed the question of superstitions and greatest fears.  Surely someone, somewhere in the company, would have an epic tale about their fear of revolving doors that spin anti-clockwise or rabid badgers that eat children? Surely?


Zombies and cling film

As horrific images go, a combination of zombies and cling film might not seem the most frightening, but for Account Manager Douglas each is perfectly terrifying and the combination simply too much to bear.  His colleague Kenneth identified suspension bridges with their dizzying architecture, whilst there were a few shouts for the usual suspects: bees, wasps and spiders.


Plasters and woolly jumpers. Let that combination percolate for a moment. Plasters and woolly jumpers. Strike fear into your heart? No? Clearly you're not Colin, our Head of Graphic Design.

Can we offer a little advice at this juncture? If you're needing help scripting your next horror flick it's probably not wise to ask us. That is unless the next generation of moviegoers are liable to be scared out of their wits by a zombie encased in cling film doing battle with a spider in a woolly jumper while wasps apply plasters to his knees.


Turns out we're not that superstitious a bunch really, except for Craig - who can't have the volume set to 13 on anything and refuses to drive at precisely 66 miles per hour - and Stephen, who can only walk on certain parts of your average everyday pavement.


Quite honestly, we should have run with the rabid badger angle. Is it too late to change?

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