ITV Rebrand YAY or NAY?

Stephen Kay

New Year, new logo - well for ITV at least. Their overnight rebrand has sparked discussions in the design world, and the Paligap design studio,  after the unveiling and update of all itv branded digital media. 

The new ITV brand works well, introducing a wide colour scheme which selects the colour from the background, adopting a chameleon effect and bridging a relationship between the viewers and their favourite shows.

Not only have they rebranded the whole ITV family of channels, ITV1 is now simply known as ITV; in Paligap's view, a positive move creating a more powerful brand. 

It's not been too long since the ITV previous rebrand in 2006 and many are against this, scorning the new brand, saying it is unnecessary and that they preferred the previous brand. The new brand is most definitely geared towards the younger generation and although at Paligap we are for the change, we are uncertain of the shelf life of the logo as it is so on trend right now that it could potentially run the risk of becoming dated within a couple of years.

On a more positive note the new idents for the channel look great our favourite here being the PUGWASH.

What are your thoughts on the new brand? 

See the new ITV family of brands here:

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